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We take a look at the perfect shopping experience... Did you know: 64% of online shoppers don't complete their purchases because of slow websites?!
According to Google SA, 14 million South Africans can be found searching online every day!

Let's say you're considering the purchase of a great-looking jacket that you've seen a few times in one of your favourite magazines. Whether you're a "get in and get out shopper" or "window-shopping afficionado" we all have our preferences to make the purchase process a memorable (or painless) event.
So why does there seem to be so much that can go wrong, leaving you feeling more like you're lost in translation rather than over the moon with your new buy?
We look at the ideal shopping experience that's sure to get you swiping...

Did you know: There are nearly 3x as many email accounts globally as there are Facebook AND Twitter accounts COMBINED!
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  Batman's Take on Marketing in the <del>Alcohol</del> Dark Age Cost per Visit: A case study measuring PPC up against Natural SEO Across-Channel Marketing Approach Strengthens Social Media Campaigns  

Imagine a world where alcohol beverages cannot be marketed in public... The Met would no longer be J&B and we couldn't call it Miller Time. We look at what can be done to ensure you don't get left in the alcohol "marketing" dark...


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So you've taken the leap into the exciting world of social media for business, but what's next? A cross-channel approach may be your not-so-secret ingredient to creating something worth talking about...

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