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Peter Stewart

Peter Stewart - Managing Director

Peter Stewart co-founded Clickthinking in 1999 and is the Managing Director. With graduate and postgraduate Degrees in business, he set out to provide strategic advice and drive online strategies for local and international clients focusing on innovative back end development, functional design and monitoring and improving conversions.

“The web is definitely the most ruthless medium for marketers. As more companies become savvier in utilising the web as a business channel, it is going to become increasingly difficult for marketers to differentiate themselves.”

Microsoft recognised Peter’s search engine expertise, inviting him to their Seattle headquarters on numerous occasions to advise their search engineers on ways of improving their search product as part of the MSN search champs program.

“I have always been fascinated at how search engines work and how consumers navigate and find information. I feel very privileged to work with a great group of people who share my passion in web strategy and technology and continuously strive to strengthen their knowledge and our expertise in conversion marketing for our clients”.

Niel Bornman

Niel Bornman - Chief Operating Officer

Niel is a shareholder and the Operational Director at Clickthinking. Before joining Clickthinking, Niel worked at Acceleration as the Online Analytics Director where he was responsible for establishing Acceleration’s Online Analytics division from enterprise resource management straight up the value chain to customer and market management. Niel has experience in implementing comprehensive conversion analytics for a number of international clients including Skype, Earthlink, NBC Universal, Saks 5th Avenue and Frontgate to name a few.

He bridges the gap between the developers and the business interests, speaking the language of both worlds, and aiming at getting the role-players to understand one another. He believes in grasping the requirements of the business before trying to find the online solution.

Niel is currently the chairman for the Certification committee of the Web Analytics Association which includes Anil Batra, Stephane Hamel and Jim Novo. This committee is responsible for the creation of a certification test that will certify a person’s abilities in the fields of web analytics and conversion optimization globally.

Joanne Reidy

Anne Scharlow - Conversion Director

Anne joined Clickthinking in 2011 as Conversion Director. She holds an under-graduate degree in business finance and an Honours degree in International Business and Marketing from the University of Applied Sciences in Wuerzberg, Germany.

As leader of Clickthinking's conversion team, Anne's focus is on web strategies, advanced data analysis and performance reviews based on web 2.0 best practices and user-centric design. A strong strategic thinker, Anne designs and implements customised web analytics solutions for Clickthinking's clients and maintains strong relationships with the company's international partners, Google and ClickTale. She has a strong understanding of market leading technologies with the ability to consult on a strategic level.

Anne boasts extensive experience in traditional and digital marketing. She has spent eight years gaining valuable marketing experience on high profile brands, such as Electronic Arts, P&G, Marriott and AOL Germany. Career highlights include advertising and media planning for BMW in Munich, email marketing and web analytics consulting for Acceleration eMarketing in Cape Town. An Adobe SiteCatalyst and Google Analytics Certified Professional with expert knowledge, Anne is well-qualified to deliver sophisticated conversion solutions in any online environment.

Rob Stanbridge

Rob Stanbridge - Search Director

Rob heads up the Online Marketing team at Clickthinking and was part of pioneering SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in S.A – long before sites like Google popularised search engines.

Hours spent trawling Internet websites paid off, as Clickthinking was able to offer top rankings and search results to clients, building a solid reputation as an SEO leader in what has become a tough competitive environment.

“Search engines have become part of our lives, often the first port of call when looking for information or services. I was very fortunate to work on projects aimed at the northern hemisphere target audience. We therefore had to compete with service providers in markets which had high internet penetration and adoption across multiple search providers (Google was not a major player at the time). Search engines have become far more sophisticated in interpreting consumer requirements and delivering information ranked according to relevance. Conversion and a websites ability to deliver in a meaningful way will be key to ranking well going forward.”

Rob continues to build on this extensive experience, with a special interest in helping clients improve conversions through implementing focused online marketing campaigns combined with executing sound site performance reviews and improvement execution.

Philip Malan

Philip Malan - Technical Director

Philip holds a Masters degree in Town and Regional Planning from the University of Pretoria. He spent the past 16 years working in IT in various countries including Canada and the United Kingdom. In the UK he worked with high-profile clients including Dell UK and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Since returning to South Africa in 2007, Philip was the COO of WinDeed, ran his own business for 2 years and was a solutions architect at He joined Clickthinking in October 2010 as Technical Director and is responsible for ensuring the production team delivers award-winning solutions to a broad range of local and international clients.