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in pursuit of perfect customer journeys


We love our clients. We are very proud to be associated and continue to work with companies who have committed heavily to their web strategies over the years. Collaboratively, we have challenged prejudices and traditional convention and will continue to strive to be creative in our attempts to maximise every digital opportunity for you and your customers. We don’t build websites but champion web strategies.


user centric strategies

We place our clients customers at the centre of our universe. We acknowledge that people are different and that your website should therefore cater for varying needs and requirements. No single online customer journey is perfect. Our aim is to ease and simplify the path that each customer takes through their web journey  so that when they succeed, your website becomes the leader in its category


implemented by specialists

The lifeblood of our company is our people. We are fortunate to have passionate and intelligent teams working closely on every web project. We are also privileged to have specialists who have been recognised globally for their crafts in the field of design, site conversion, search marketing and web analytics. This fusion and collision of individuals who have worked collaboratively for a long period makes us who we are.

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Our timeline

It's been a while since 1998, when Pete and Dave started working from Pete's garage on reverse engineering search algorithms. Since then, the 2000s have seen Clickthinking grow from these humble beginnings into a multi-faceted web company with numerous awards and client success stories under its belt.